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What is BodIT?

BodIT is Mac OS X software that acts as a full-featured MIDI editor/librarian for the Line 6® Bass Podxt Live®*. It features a comprehensive set of controls in a single user-friendly interface with the ability to save and open both individual tones, and banks of tones.


  • Comprehensive synchronized control of any Line 6 Bass Pod XT Live connected via MIDI (by either USB or MIDI cable).
  • The ability to view all Pod XT parameters on the computer screen at once.
  • Accurate on-screen updating of parameters as you tweak the knobs.
  • Presets saved as banks or individually for exchange with other Bass Pod XT Live Users.
  • Individual presets saved as text files for easy editing, emailing, and posting to bulletin boards.
  • A button to automatically flatten the EQ.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X (10.2 or later)





* Line 6 and Bass PodXT Live are trademarks, property of Line 6, Inc. These of these trademarks does not imply any cooporation or endorsement by Line 6.